Nourishing soup 改良清補涼湯


This soup is excellent nourishment for autumn and winter. Combining Yin Tonics for Lung, Qi and Blood tonics for Spleen and the Heart. People in Southern China drink this all year round to support their general wellbeing. This soupbase is particularly good for those with dry skin, insomnia, heart palpitations, anxiety, overthinking, dampness, poort appetitie, as it can soothes and moistens the Lung, dispel dampness and strenghthens the kidneys, nourishes yin and calms the mind.


Ingredients: Chinese yam (山藥),Solomon’s seal (玉竹), fox nut (芡實), lily bulb (百合), dried longan (乾龍眼肉), lotus seed (蓮子), pearl barley cooked (熟薏苡仁),jujube (紅棗) 


Cooking Instructions (savoury version of this soup):


Serves 6 

1. Place the herbs in a large stainless steel pot/claypot/glassware so that the herbs do not interact with the metals. Make sure you remove the seeds from the jujube (because long-term heating of the seeds can make this soup "heaty"). Pour 600ml of water to cover the herbs and soak for 20 minutes. (Note: Feel free to wash the herbs prior to soaking if you feel like it, we often omit this part).

2. Optional step: you can add slices of ginger, spare ribs (blanced first) or dried seafood (dried squid/dried scallop/abalone) to taste, for vegetarians, dried figs, dried dates and carrots can be added to the mixture.Feel free to experiment! 

3. Bring the mixture to a boil and then simmer on medium-low heat for 1.5 ~ 2 hour. Add water as required. 

4. Optional: Season with salt before serving, not too much because you want to taste the natural sweetness of the soup.

5. You can also add goji berries at the end to increase the health benefit of this nourishing formula, goji berries should not be cooked for long, as the property of goji berries can become heaty and affecting your sleep.


Please check with your TCM practitioner if you are unsure whether this soup is suitable for your.


Note: One of the ingredients "cooked pearls barley" contains gluten, so people with gluten intolerance please let us know and we can pack specifically to suit your need. 

Nourishing soup 改良清補涼湯