This is an online ordering services for patients who have had a consultation with our practitioner. The formula will be customised to relieve your most current signs and symptoms and the granules will be delivered to your door for you to take twice daily for 7~10 days (dosage may vary due to the severity of your condition) . You will receive a packet of granules in a transparent packet as shown in the picture, with approx. 70g of granules. Ingredients list and instruction will also be provided. Please drop us an email if you are unsure about anything.

The granules were manufactured in Taiwan, KPC (港香蘭 with 40 years of history) and CSZ (莊松榮 with 140 years of history).  These companies are well known in Asia and we endeavour to source the best quality products to avoid any toxic materials in our herbal offerings. These brands are widely used in Japan in "Kampo" preparations also.


Our dispenser will try their best to post out your orders on the same day or the following business day, so you may receive your granules on the following business day or the day after at the latest. 

Shipment (including packaging and handling fee) inclusive in the listed price for this product, in the delivery option please select "pickup" if you are located in Australia.




Tailor-made granules formula (量身定制科學中藥配方)