Chrysanthemum tea with Goji berries (抗老明目茶)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this is an excellent tea to strengthen your Liver (Gan) and Kidney (Shen) system, suitable for those working long hours,sitting in front of a computer screen, straining the eyes a lot. It is an ancient remedy for eye health.

Goji berries (originally sourced from Ningxia) can stregthen the Kidney essence. In TCM, kidney essence helps to delay the aging process, but overwork/overindulgence in sexual activities/labour/trauma/lack of sleep/chronic illness or illegal drug use can deplete this essence, causing signs and symptoms such as lower back pain, weak and sore knees, tinitis (ringing in the ears), lowered libido, poor memory, night urination, lethargy, early on-set of menopausal symptoms and grey hair etc. Taking goji berries everyday can help to prevent dementia and reduce the aforementioned symptoms. This is why a lot of Chinese people drink this to tonify their Kidney essence for longevity. The bonus is they are sweet in flavour and delicious to eat.


Goji berries can also tonify the liver system. In TCM, Liver system governs the eys and a lot of the eye disorder are associated with a Liver deficiency, this can manefist as having dry eyes, tired eyes, blurry vision, soreness / burning sensation around the eye and .  Modern research has shown that goji berries can reduce blood sugar and reduce cholesterol, and build up your immune system.  When combined with Chrysanthemum flower (originally from Hungzhou), the tea can benefit the eyes, prevent or reduce symptoms of eye disorders.

Our raw herbs were tested in Hong Kong by the Government bodies before they reach the market and the quality is top grade for clinical use. If you are unsure whether your body type is suitable for this tea, please speak to our practitioner. 


For yourself - take 2-4 chrysanthemum flowers, and 8-15 gojiberries and steep for 3-6 minutes to drink.

For more people or stronger effect - take 1 tblsp of goji berries, 7 flowers and 2 cups of boiling water, mix all ingredients and boil for 5 minutes.  

Cautionary note:

1. Stop drinking when you have an infection, flu/cold, diarrhea. Resume only when you recover fully. 

2. The bag can be resealed and it is best to be stored in the fridge or a cool dry place.


Chrysanthemum tea with Goji berries (抗老明目茶)