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Eliza Chan is a dedicated and gentle practitioner with a focus on pain management, women's health, hay fever, digestive issues, emotional conditions such as stress, anxiety and insomnia, autoimmune disease support, skin disorders, skin rejuvenation, weight loss and general wellbeing.


Eliza can relate to the stresses it can bring to our body, she truly believes that our physical well being is influenced by factors such as our emotional health, lifestyle (including diet, sleep etc) and environment. Eliza’s great grandfather was a owner of a herbal shop “Xiang Shan Tang” in a small town in rural Hungzhou, China, providing herbal medicine to the locals. The shop was unfortunately shut down during civil unrest. Since then, no one in the family stepped into the same field but somehow the DNA imprints in Eliza’s bloodline has drawn her closer to the family tradition. She is also strongly influenced by her father, a dermatologist in Taiwan, and was able to follow him at work and learnt about skin rejuvenation and skin disorders at a young age. She enjoys her work as it is aligned with her passion and the purpose of helping others.



Eliza graduated from the five-year Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine) and Bachelor of Health Science (Human Biology) from RMIT University with Distinction, furthering her knowledge from university with internships at the prestigious Jiangsu Provincial Chinese Medicine Hospital in Nanjing, China, and Tzu Chi Hospital in Taipei, where she saw a very wide range of conditions and learnt about different approaches to treatment. She has also completed Reiki Master Level and Level 1 NAHA Aromatherapy and taken specialist courses in facial acupuncture and Dr. Shou’s pulse taking method as well as Dr. Tung's acupuncture and scalp acupuncture. She continues to study from renowned experts in order to provide better treatments for patients. 


Eliza volunteered at Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centre for two years. She believes that acupuncture is able to support patients to overcome any types of addiction, assisting them to make positive changes. 



At the end of each month, she distributes a portion of her profits to Worldvision and the local Church to support the children in Cambodia and our local community. She also invests in the best quality towels from Sheridan,  environmental friendly laundry liquid,  certified essential oils and herbal teas etc to make sure your experiences at Medifirst Family Clinic are always pleasant and non-irritable. 


Eliza is fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese. Eliza is also writing Chinese articles and filming videos on a public Wechat official account. You can scan the following QR code to read stories in Chinese. 

曾醫師會英文、國語、廣東話,為了科普給更多的人中醫的知識,她在微信設有公眾號和影音號。 歡迎掃描下面的QR Code追蹤。

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